Drowning in bills

We had to get a new vehicle, it's nice and all but with other monthly bills, I don't know if we can keep it. Our water is leaking and the landlord won't help, costing us lots of money on propane that we can't afford. This house is falling apart. It's poisonous and only pothos grows. I seriously don't know what we can do about all this ** anymore. We have to move but probably won't be able to do that either due to financial & health issues. God/dess please please please please please help us.

Jun 9

Next Confession

I was selfish

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  • When I was younger I saw a story in one of those magazines that pile up in the doctors waiting room about a mom who secretly prostituted herself to keep the family fed and clothed. At the time I was disgusted and thought how dirty of her.

    Now I'm older and divorced, I admire her. The sacrifice she made. The love she had for her family. The loyalty.

  • Submit to god. Leave everything.

  • Are you a decent looking woman? I would give you money if you did things for me.

  • Yes, how do we proceed?

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