It would crush my Husband’s heart…..

Fathers days just past and I found out something about how this day could have gone if my stepdaughter had not confessed to my oldest child (who is older then my young adult stepdaughter) about wanting to not see her father this day and it’s the first time ever shes ever been like this with her Dad, my husband of 15 years, the man who did anything and everything to raise her in a healthy and safe home AND he did all of it for years without his ex wife helping out financially and or emotionally and just basically showed up when she felt like it (which was a handful of times for last 10 years out of daughters current almost 20 year old **).
She asked her oldest sibling “if it would be a really bad idea to not see her dad at all today(Father’s Day) and if she would be looked at as a disappointment and an ** if she stood her dad up” of course sibling said “yeah you would be a huge ** and why can’t you or don’t you want to what did he do to you? Her reply was of course “nothin” along with bursting out in tears that use to work to make people think she actually gives a **.
But her older sibling wasn’t buying the act and scolded her hard “you know your dad did nothing but love you and live for you to have a decent childhood and happiness….and yet in less then 1 year…..after you turned 18 and sought to bond w your mom again, who I remind you first would beat you many times w wooden brushes and heavy items and second of all skipped town for a man she just met online and for drugs after your dad was awarded custody of you,….you start to treat him like he was the abuser and he was the ** who did everything she ended up doing to you w no remorse, he did nothing but be there for you and listen and never let you feel like you are nothing, yet here we are for 4th time in 6 months where you’re trying to break his heart and he’s questioning what he may have possibly did to deserve this”
She’s been shutting out her dad systematically through last few months and it was just not like her to be like this ever and it was a shock, mom was invited to everything ceremonial w school and stuff and we didn’t even know about any of this going on until day of and daughter gave us false info on it.

So surprisingly She showed up but immediately was in Tears before even taking Key out of her ignition and she used so many lame stupid and just overly exaggerated excuses as to why she can’t stay more then 30 Minutes and why she’s so emotional….I didn’t know at that about the conversation between our kids prior to her coming until after she left and my child text me to let me know. I figured it out what she was trying to do. She was trying to create a false excuse to get out of seeing him Father’s Day and was hoping I’d be alerted to what she asked her sibling and then tell her father and break his heart and she’d be free from having to stop n see him briefly. It didnt work.

I won’t tell my husband or show him the conversation screenshots I was sent of her saying these things like a selfish brat who for some reason is teaming up with absentee mommy and going after my husband to hurt him.

I won’t ever tell him and reason is because it would hurt him so much more then anything she’s been doing recently and it’s because we have no idea why she started treating her dad this way for no reason except mommy dearest is feeding her false info and or subtly manipulating her own daughter to be a weapon to use at my husband. Cuz ya know he got custody cuz he was a “smarter liar then herself” her words. Nope it’s because YOU GAVE HIM full CUSTODY without a fight after you got arrested for drugs. Now I see that you were sitting just biding your time to when daughter turned 18 to begin the game. We raised her during the years of the hardest part of growing up and you got away w doing nothin for her and now think you can just come back act like nothing happened and act as though you n daughter have a special close bond, all you are doing is being the mom eye desperately wanted and needed and its an ACT and in end you’ll destroy her relationship w dad and leave her to deal with the guilt on her own telling her it’s her own fault they no longer have that bond.

Jun 24

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  • The daughter is a self centered po💩

  • ** that hurts so much. My heart goes out to you and your husband.

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