Son's friend

My son has a friend he's known since he's little. He lives in the neighborhood and I know his mother. We're friendly but not close. When he turned about 15 years old he started giving me compliments about my looks, these compliments turned into out right flirting but nothing outrageous. Other than that he's a good kid and respectful.

I thought he'd grow out of it when he got older and met girls his age. I used to tell him we'll see how he feels when he's 18. As you probably guess by the fact that I'm writing this, he's been 18 for a few months now and is still persisting.

I'm really not sure what he sees in me or what is motivating this. I certainly don't encourage him. I look my age and certainly nothing special, especially in the looks department.

Every bone in my body tells me it is a bad idea to entertain the idea. Firstly, he's still friends with my son. Secondly, I have never cheated on my husband. Third, I'm obviously old enough to be his mother, my best days are long behind me.

But, there is a little tiny part of me that likes the attention and am a little curious what it would be like.

Jun 24

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  • I get wet thinking of my son's buddy. He's young and hot. When he looks at me with those eyes, I so want to jump him. I am a naughty mom wanting yound hard stiff cock. Husband is sexless and I am horny.

  • You will get one very stiff for sure!

  • Young people will NEVER NEVER keep your secret.
    But you already know this.
    Just fantasize and masturbate like crazy to your fantasies with him.
    No one gets harmed.
    So many here just want to hear how your life grenaded after you messed up with this kid....
    Don't fall for it!

  • I chased my neighbor since I was 16 she was twice my age 32. Did almost the same a little flirting she had no kids husband was addicted to work and she had very little friends. All the flirting got to her and I could tell she liked it when I turned 18 flirting became more obvious and one day she asked for me to come over and said that she knows what we do and likes it but she is married and doesn’t think she can do that to her husband. I kissed her and she kissed back. We fuck and fuck a lot I like to eat her out and do that often. Go with the flow and let him eat you out. He will fuck the daylights out of you. Natalie my neighbor filled for divorce and we are expecting our first child. My parents were surprised and her husband was blind sided but our sexual attraction is strong. Fuck him once and see how it feels. You will like it

  • Hot. This needs its own separate confession post for more visibility!

  • Is sex w him really worth losing your marriage over? Is it worth your son being furious w you? Are you willing to embarrass your son? I’ll bet anything eventually this boy will brag to someone then how can you trust a stranger ?

    Once it’s out in the open it will get back to your son then your husband eventually. Unless your husband picks up on something quickly.

    You’re an adult so do what you want but are you prepared to accept the consequences if it’s discovered?

  • It definitely is worth it. I’m guessing you never been with a young man who is eager to please, horny and able to go all night.

    Give him what he desires. Use this opportunity to teach him how to please a woman and have him do all the things you are too embarrassed to ask your husband to do.

  • I agree with this person 100%
    Six years ago I had a 4 month affair with my son's friend. It was the most fun I'd had in a long time!
    After my son graduated high school, he'd gotten a golf scholarship so my husband and him were gone all summer to golf resorts. I'm a realtor so my husband and son would normally help me when I'd host an open house. Since they were gone I asked my son's friend to help. L** was always flirty and would always check me out. After a long day, we stopped at a restaurant for dinner it came up that his girlfriend had broken up with him and he was going through a 'drought'. My husband and I are lucky to do it once a month. One thing led to another and we were back at my place having fun.

  • The boy waited 3 years, how many men would wait 3 years for a woman? You've kind of hinted that something may happen when he's 18. He deserves some attention. No matter what you think about your appearance, he obviously finds you attractive.

    I don't see how he being friends with your son is a problem. It actually suggests he can be trusted.
    I'm sure you're curious to see this 18 year old. It would be refreshing after spending many years just with your husband.
    You're older, so what? I'm sure you can teach him a lot.

  • Agreed. Give the boy a chance to become a man and enjoy the process. You are so lucky to have this opportunity. I’d kill for such an opportunity

  • If you want everyone you know and everyone he know to find out you are a cheating wife, go for it. It won't stay "our little secret" for 24 hours. If you think so, you are just stupid.

  • Gosh, i would have repeatedly ducked your anal

  • Treat yourself to some fun.
    I had a 5 month affair with my son's friend a few years ago. We kept it discrete and to this day I have no regrets.

  • You want him inside you…take him.

  • Yes take him bareback

  • Go for it. He's an adult. You only live once and it will be a cherished memory. Just keep in on the down low. In all likelihood, husband has gotten something on the side already. Then come back and post a hot confession!

  • He will brag to his mates.

  • And you may get more opportunities!!!

  • It is quite clear you want him to be inside of you.

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