need advice/ideas

Long story short my ex-boyfriend and I broke up in the fall liked each other all year unofficially together in the spring then just friends until now.
Few days ago we got into this huge fight and it was the kind of fight we didnt even know what we were saying it was just to hurt the other person. It got ugly real fast. The kind of fight you know there is no coming back from and being friends. I don't want to be friends with him or anything but we have been through so much I need to apologize and do something to show that I am truly sorry. If i call him I know he wont pick up and I don't want to do that either. He is away for the summer. Any ideas on what to do?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • #4 is the most mature way to do it. A open face apology plain and simple. If he can't accept it and really let go of the issue then its on him after that. You apologizing gives you the upper hand in a way. You've shown an attempt to help the relationship. If he can't follow through on his side, the relationship is doomed.

    Best of luck.

  • ^ just #1 trying to defend himself, I agree with #2 and #3

  • Send a card and say with sincerity your apology for acting in an ugly manner with no excuses excpet to say the apology is your way of letting go the anger and desire to move on.

  • ^Agree

  • ^Brought to you by someone who has never had a b******, much less a girlfriend.

  • Give him a b*******. What better way to say you're sorry than on your knees with your mouth open?

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