My wife taking up smoking again after 6 years

My wife had always smoked since before we dated, I did to. We got married after 3 years together and, at the time we were going out drinking with friends 2 or 3 times a week plus we had also bought our first home together so we were able to smoke freely and, especially when we were out drinking, smoke more than either of us had ever used to up to around 2ppd each. Even when my wife got pregnant she still smoked though she was down to maybe 3 to 5 a day. After our son was born she soon increased back up to her pre pregnancy rate. Over the next 12 years we both continued smoking at around 2ppd but then, out of the blue, my wife declared she was going to quit sighting, that being a nurse, wasn't setting the best example or look. I was gobsmacked but, true to her word she quit, no patches, no cutting down gradually then quitting, she just stopped. She tried to persuade me to but I didn't want to quit.
After having quit for nigh on 6 years, we had recently taken up playing golf and would often try and take in a round every week or so. During one round it was raining on and off and I had a cigarette on the go so I asked her to hold it for me while I took my shot. It became a thing over the next few times we played until one cold morning, cold enough to see your breath in the air, she started to feign smoking while holding my cigarette but breathing out just her breath. Jokingly I dared her to take a real drag not expecting she would but, to my astonishment and joy, she did. She took just the 1 drag before handing it back to me and, further on in the round, she did it once more, again just the 1 drag. Over the next few weeks and only during the time we played golf she would, while holding my cigarette, take a drag or 2. By then I was making sure I had a cigarette on the go every couple of holes which, in turn, meant my wife was taking at least 18 drags during our round. A couple of drags turned into sharing a cigarette every couple of holes over the following weeks before she started asking for the odd drag at home which became sharing a cigarette together, not everytime i smoked though, just 2 or 3 during the evening. She kept insisting she was happy just to share a cigarette occasionally but as the month passed I noticed she was smoking more than "her half" of the cigarette more often than not and I wasn't about to complain. Seeing her smoke again was great as I'd always hoped she would, I loved it when she smoked as she looked so ** doing it. Inevitably within a few more weeks she was smoking more and, with a little encouragement from me, she was soon smoking up to 10 a day. She kept saying she didn't want to smoke like she had done before she'd quit and was happy smoking a few or so a day but that "vow" lasted all of another month. I was so pleased to have my smoking wife back and, once she was back in her stride, she confessed that she had been tempted many times over the last 6 years to start again but had always talked herself out of it but, now that she had she said she hadn't realized how much she missed it.
3 years on my wife is back to pre quitting days smoking up to 2ppd and admits she Falken in love with smoking so much again she has no intention of ever quitting again much to my extreme pleasure and joy.

Jul 12

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