Controversial opinions

1) the internet is fake AS **.
You can't tell me other wise because i will not give a **, people are so judgmental and even I am too, people are human and we all have our own taste and **, for example people who get like plastic surgery or something or BBL's honestly shouldn't be hated on, we're all insecure someway or another and if you got the money you'd probably fix it too right? Don't be mad over someone who doesn't even know you exist.
2) Trans people are fake too.
All that gender bull ** is honestly annoying, cool you can dress as a women or a man but you are NEVER going to be one. Im tired of seeing ** like that on my social media, cause did you pop out your moms hole a man? THEN stay one. Cause i dont give two flying ** if you believe you are one cause till the earth turns flat then you'll be a ** women, and AS a women too A REAL ONE i dont even want to consider you one of mine. Also how could i be transphobic if yall aint even real LOL.

3)People are the worst.
I know i know, me posting this probably makes me look like a ** sucking homophobic ** but you know what? You can cry about it if you get offended. It's just my opinions and i dont need yours. But people are the worst and especially online, Like over the silliest **, now besides like tony lopez or something (he should be in jail) But honestly people be hopping on the trend of trying to ruin someone's social life, when you know you got some nasty ** secrets of yourself, how would that feel if it got exposed to the whole WIDE WORLD.

4) Modern day feminism.
Almost forgot about this one! As a (real) women i dont like feminism, I have my own taste in what a women should do and honestly i'd be down to cook some bomb food when my man come home and i do enjoy cleaning and spending some money, BUT what this feminism was made for was not to decide who should pay the ** bill at dinner, its common sense whoever asked should MAYBE pay or split, but to decide what we get to vote for, how much we can make and the right to just be a human like **. Not to walk out with no top and to not expect someone to look. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

5) young children having social media.
Honestly just stop, im already at 5 and you already know why the title EVEN is this. Young children exploiting themselves on socials make me sick to be honest, cause tell me why i be watching cooking vid's then the next thing i see is some small girl dancing and twerking, but I MEAN cool u wanna be famous on the interenet, but atleast be old enough to even drive.

SO this is all i could think of, but comment if you think theres anything else I shoudve added cause i know theres alot more.

Jul 17

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