Kid getting revenge on bully

When I was at high school before phone I was bully.1 day a new Chinese kid start I pick on him for a week because he would go on about how good Chinese ** trap are.I was like ** they don't work.He said I will bring one tomorrow and show you they work.l said being 5 I'll put 1 on each **.The next morning he brings in.I go ok we will to the hall way between the girls toilets and the new bit of school get built because no teacher go there and it has a hand rail in the middle of the hall.I stick all fingers in the Chinese ** trap with 1 hand on different side of the railing and try to pull my hand apart but the Chinese ** trap gets harder I was ok they do work then the kid pulls my shirt up over my head and pull my shorts down trieing the drawstring in my shorts to my shoe laces and leave me stuck in there in my bright green underwear as some of the girls leave the toilet walking past me they would grub my **.

Jul 26

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  • I was a bully at high school but they got revenge on me in math class they poured quick dry super glue on my chair I don't known I sit on it and half way through class the teacher asks me to came to the blackboard writing out the question.I stand up and the chair was stick to my pants the teacher said stop making around you thave 1 minute to came up and write the question out so I side out of my pants leaving them stick to the chair and walk the the front of the classroom in my pink underwear with all the kids looking.

  • Yes you are a real kid.

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