Broke ** 22 years old

I am fresh graduate (Wait, I'm not yet. Graduation's months away!) 22 years old broke ** ** with not a single penny to their name.

Seriously, I didn't even know how I managed to get through college without financial support. Especially the last sem, the heck is wrong with my university milking us dry?! My savings all gone! I am literally 3 dollars away from dying in a ditch. And I still need to pay trillions for graduation expenses. Ha ha ha ha. Guys, seriously tho, what the heck am I gonna do?!?!

Wow, I am graduating but man, was it so depressing.

Officially unemployed, and actively looking for a job but no one's hiring me because in country I live in, the job is too demanding but the salary barely keep you alive.

Plus, I need money to get a job. The requirements, the transportation, my survival...


Jul 26

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