Do I have haterz?

I know this is a confession post but this is not a confession. Now that it is time for me to live my life there are soooo many envious people that trying to get in the way of it. These type of people is not allowing me to make a choice which was god’s intended purpose for humans.

Are they jealous because it’s time for me to have my own space? You know I saw adults live there lives by living with other people. That was because they had felonies and coil rent an apartment. Other people had someone else using their names to rent an apartment,

Anyway some clown keeps hacking my phone and stealing my passwords to my online accounts. On top of that, the big headed’ness is starting to get on my nerves because he or she thinks all the money in the world belongs to him or her. This sick individual is stealing money and giving it to the closest people next to me. He or she persuaded them to not answer their phone so they can use spy cams to report what I’m doing inside my apartment. I know this is true because I went to school for technology.

This clown won’t stop disrespecting me and is trying to do whatever it takes to have me kicked out this pitiful project apartment. It is so sad. If it wasn’t for the pandemic, stalkers, and an old woman I would’ve probably been in a better place. But no, this clown thinks the world revolves around one type. And this monkey called a human a monkey and is calling me ugly. I’m like, look at all the face injections and skin pulls your type have to get just to look young again. I can’t really get offended because your beauty has a serious expiration date on it. I still look like a 21 year old or 18 year old and I’m 33 years old. So, because I look good, “ in my opinion”, your mad about it. Ha ha ha

Jul 29

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