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I miss cammy my best friend Drinking myself to sleep 4 the past couple of nights cus I’m so tired of passing being stalked as one of my “parinoid delusions” I’m so ** tired of being stalked like this I never even met him he was grown I was 15 I was wrong but he broke the Tower he completely ** crushed that ** into sand ik what’s happening I’m so tired of nobody believing me I want to be free so bad I want 2 star over and pretend he never even existed I’m ab to be grown so I gotta start 2 except I’ve just let ts happen to my entire fam for a year he started it in late feb 2022 I sent myself to get away from him he’s in I think college for computer hacking I need him to leave 4 ever please someone help me get him off my phone He shared a vid of me getting token advantage of and laughed at the way I looked but had been thru tm childhood sexual trauma that ik he don’t deserve to get legal ** on his ** but I was 15 in the video I need help I need all of it to be token down he also has nudes I sent 2 other ppl that was my age at the time (14–15( still mfs that not grown and that means he had possessed child ** I need help I need to get this virus off me and my entire families phome he sent it thru text I need help I want him gone and just 2 pretend like we never talked to each other I just won’t it to stop please #helpme #technology #spyware #virus #help he still grown I’m ab to turn 18 so I’ll be on my own ever more please #help #virus #spysoftware I sent myself to a residential in early April 2022 to get help cus I was so stressed I started doing a lotta drugs I regret and was so stressed out I needed 2 get away from the stalking weirdness nobody believes me and I don’t want him 2 get in serious trouble #helpme she helped me thru all of this I miss her

Jul 31

Next Confession

I like you allot.

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  • Call the FBI. The pics will be taken down and the guys too.

  • You need a basic education. Particularly in literacy.

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