Not sure what to do

I have read alot of the confessions on here that i think are not true but here is one that is...I was molested when i was young 5 to 6 years old by a friend of the family he was 5 or 6 years older than me. I am male and he would make me fondle and suck his p**** and either make me swallow or watch him j*** off and c**. I didn't like it at first but then i got to liking it and would want to do it. then he tried to have a*** s** with me & my mother caught us before it happened and i got confused my mother hated him and told me thats wasn't right...My point is that not very many people know it happened and now at 33 i have had urges to have s** with men and have. Until recently I have had to hide the fact that i'm bi from all of my girlfriend and my wife we are divorced now. I found a woman that is bi and just joked with her that i was to & she liked the idea so she started playing anally with me and we have had a few threesome with both men and other woman I love it she really understands and enjoys it as much as i do and she doesn't judge me for wanting to have s** with men she likes to watch and join.My question is should i marry her because she is so accepting of my sexual nature and that we get alone well or should i cover up my bi side and find another woman and settle down?


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  • Don't hide who you are.
    Marry the girl or something! Because she accepts you for who you are and thats something thats hard to find.
    Plus, spending the rest of your life hiding what you truly are is not going to make you happy.
    Being bisexual does not make you q****. See what I mean about people not being able to accept you?

  • I'm a bi guy, and I married a bi girl. Its neat. We both go out and check out womens racks. I seriously have a b*** fetish, my wife is ample, but its always fun to look.

  • I'm not q**** I am bi there is a difference. But just because your gay or bi doesn't always mean you were molested she wasn't and i know her deepest secerts. No there is nothing wrong with her accepting my bisexuality but i need to know if i should settle with her or go on with my life hiding it with someone else like i had for years before?

  • Is something wrong with the woman who accepts you being bisexual?

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