I put bread in the pond to make the fish come up not to feed bird

The fish were nothing great blue gill and shiners but in a small pond they would group up around the bread chum. I did put white bread in the pond for the fish to come up.
One day a problem with the pond water caused the fish to stay at the bottom and the bread floated until some ducks ate it. Someone said do not feed the ducks because they will not want to eat naturally. I thought that was the main reason not to feed ducks bread. I found out recently that it causes Angel Wing a syndrome that affects aquatic birds like ducks and geese and can Permanently deform their wings. Angel wing is caused by a nutritional deficiency that comes from humans feeding wild birds foods high in carbohydrates and sugar, such as bread.
Another reason I did not feed birds like ducks bread is because I thought if they ate to much the bread would swell up and cause the bird stomach to blow up and bust. I did not tell anyone not to feed ducks because most of the ducks I scene people feed usually looked like they were already on the downward decline. Bad health I thought because of the poor water conditions "Victory Water".

Aug 4

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  • Dynamite is a good alternative for bringing the fish to the surface.

  • And electricity!

  • And croutons float better than bread.

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