Older "Straight" guy

I am married and have been for about 40 years. The first 30 years of my marriage I was totally straight, never had a gay inclination. Then for about the past ten years I had a few gay hookups. I just seemed to all of a sudden gotten attracted to c***. I love kissing it, making out with guys, foreplay. Very hot and passionate. I tend to like the older, femme guys. There is something about ** another guy that completely turns me on. I try to suppress these urges not so much because they are homosexual, but I don't like cheating on my wife.... even so when I have ** with my wife I am thinking of guys. I am religious, but I can't seem to stop thinking of guys. I so enjoy the touch of other guys, and can't seem to control my obsessions. Should I try to find another trustworthy guy that I can have a discreet affair with. Should I seek professional help? I'm pretty sure the obssesions will just continue grow.....

23 days

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My mother believed in God and the afterlife but I do not

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  • I see guys hanging out at the Y showers and locker room, no clothes, checking other mens equipment.

  • Make the choice, wife or gay life. If your wife discoveres your secret life and is not on board, legal proceedings will make life **.

  • H-e-l-l is not a naughty word

  • Tell her you love her, will always be there for her, but want this too. You'll be amazed at how open she is to also enjoying things you could never do for her too!

  • Seek professional help. Sorry...but you asked.

  • I had a relationship with my best friend aka mutual oral but he passed away. I'm too old to find another guy.

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