Never Too Old

I was visiting a friend of mine Lyn one saturday afternoon and we
were in the kitchen drinking coffee. I had just been telling her of
the latest stupidity from my manager and I had used fairly strong
language. It was when I heard a gasp behind me I realised my friends
son had been coming in. "Thats a naughty word! You said no one was
allowed to say that and that people who do are very naughty and need
to be smacked. You smacked me last week when I said it!" His mother
replied that yes I had been naughty and that she would have to talk
to my mummy about my punisment. She then said she would ring my
mother when she dropped her son off at his football practice and I
was to go and stand in the corner until she returned. I was feeling
embarrassed but also guilty about swearing in front of her son, I was
also unsure if she was being serious but my doubts on that front were
settled when she motioned me to get up and as I did so she pointed to
the corner and sent me on my way with a sharp slap to my bottom. I
went over to the corner and waited till I heard the car leaving
before I went back to the table and finished my coffee. I was still
sitting at the table when my friend returned and as she came into the
kitchen I began to apologise. She cut me short and pulled me up from
the chair by the ear she then gave me a telling off which left me
feeling like a bratty six year old. She asked me for my mothers phone
number and after I had done so she told me to get back in the corner.
I heard her dialing and as it was answered she turned the speaker on
so I could hear both ends of the conversation. After some initial
pleasentries she explained that she had to tell her that I had used
foul language in front of her seven year old and that it was
difficult enough to raise polite and well mannered children without
them being set a bad example by adults who should know better. My
mother agreed with her and said that as a teenager she had been
forced to slipper my bottom many times for swearing and I was
obviously in need of a refresher. She then said that as I was there
and as Lyn was the offended party she had her permission to punish me
herself. Lyn thanked mother and said she would act imediatly and she
would leave the speaker phone on so she could hear my punishment. I
was ordered to come over to the kitchen table and bend over it as I
was doing so my mother interjected that jeans were to much protection
and I should lower them enough that I could be slippered on the seat
of my underpants. I looked pleadingly at Lyn and she told me to do as
I was told. After I had lowered my jeans I bent over the table and
took a grip on the far side of it. Lyn had taken one of her sandles
off and preceded to give me 20 full force whacks which had me
gritting my teeth and trying to stay silent although the last few did
cause sharp intakes of breath.
The next day I visited my mother for sunday lunch. As I came in
to the dining room I noticed that my place had an extra cushion on
the chair. I then noticed that one of my old plimsolls was resting on
the arm of the sofa. Mother then told me that she was glad that Lyn
had punished me for my foul language but that did not adress the fact
that my behaviour had brought shame on her as well as myself and she
would not stand for it. She then ordered me to get in position, I
walked over to the nearest dining chair and undid my trousers letting
them fall to my ankles and then bent over the back of the chair and
gripped the front legs. Mother then tugged my underpants down just
enough to bare my bottom and then slippered me until my bottom felt
it was on fire and even with the extra cushion siting was distinctly

16 days

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  • Sounds like a very pleasant dream

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