Spanking over Clarissa's knee

Yesterday afternoon I was walking past Clarissa's place I realised it had been a while since my last Spanking over her knee so I walked up the stairs and knocked on the front door and 3 minutes later Clarissa answered the door and said Robert what are you doing here Young Man and I said I really want my bare bottom soundly spanked over your knee if that's ok with you please Ma'am and she said of course I can spank your bare bottom over my knee come in and come straight upstairs to the Spanking room with me and when we reached the Spanking room she went straight to her straight back wooden chair in the middle of the room and sat down it was then that I noticed another naughty boy standing in the corner with his freshly Spanked bottom on display and Clarrisa said come over here and stand in front of me Young Man and I did as I was directed and she put her fingers inside the waistband of my tracksuit pants and took them she then noticed my red underpants and she said we might as well have those down as well so that I can spank your bare bottom soundly over my knee your Bare bottom will soon be the same colour as your underpants when I'm finished with you

She then said ok Young Man come and stand to the right of me and lower yourself across my knee and into position and I did as I was told she immediately picked up her ebony hairbrush and got with the Spanking

Whap whap whap for the next hour and forty five minutes before letting me up off her lap

She then said ok Young Man go and stand in the corner facing the wall with your bare bottom on display

Hands on your head
No rubbing or touching your bare bottom
No talking
No leaving the corner until I say so and no looking around the room otherwise you will be back across my knee again Young Man

As I made my way to stand in the corner I asked what about the other naughty boy

Clarrisa replied his mother will be here soon and then her and I will spank him together despite the fact that he has already been Spanked by me over my knee this time his mother will be joining me I might even ask her to join me to spank your bare bottom again Young Man

After 40 minutes standing in the corner facing the wall with my bottom on display the other boys mother Claire arrived to help spank her son's bare bottom when she noticed me standing in the corner and she said that's Robert standing in the corner Clarrisa and Clarrisa replied yes it is I have his bright red bottom on display

Claire said ok Clarrisa I want him over my knee now

Jul 5

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