I spent five years in county jail for theft by taking

My bad, my fault, no one to blame but myself. I served my time and got out. I went back to working at the family Dairy farm and I seldom leave the property. I avoid bars where people know me because they all ask the same question. How was jail.

My crime wasn't violent so my time was spent with criminals who behaved themselves. They didn't want to spend one unnecessary second behind bars. We behaved ourselves. We got to walk around the facility and do out jobs while serving our time. It seemed like time was slower in prison because at times it seemed like I'd never be released.

In my experience jail was mediocre housing. the food was not great. The days boring. The sentence and gap in your life you can never replace. This is from a person who had it relatively good in prison. Some people made it much worse on themselves but I did not.

I serve my time and get released.

Nobody tortured me nobody went out of their way to mistreat me. Still I hated every moment I spent incarcerated.

You don't do it. I got a job others didn't when they were released.

There is no moral to my story except to say prison **. Don't be stupid like me and do something that gets you there.

20 days

Next Confession

Friendly fire

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