How Many of You Are Homophobic and Racist?

Please let out your hate and frustration in the comments below and don't hold back on the profanity.

I'm a gay black man getting ready to move to the South and want to get used to that good ol' Southern hospitality before making the move.


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  • The new style down here is string, heavy string neckties.
    Now just step over here and let me fit you with one..............

  • As long as your not rude or anything to people it doesn't matter what the orientation or race is, its all fine by me!

  • Thank you all, I was really expecting a lot more hatred. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

  • i admire your peace of mind...i think you will do well in the south...goodlluck...and don't take any nastiness from anyone, you hear me?

  • There is culture shock anytime you move long distances.

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