I want to be turned into a human marionette

I wish someone would tie some strings to me and turn me into their very own human marionette. They would make me move as they wanted, dance for them, and even move my mouth and speak for me. I would love to be under someone else's control for awhile.

Jun 22, 2014

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  • I'll do it.

  • I really wish you would. I would hope you would enjoy the power, dominance and control I would be giving to you.

  • Are you male or female?

  • Male, 30 something, NJ

  • What you want, if I may be so bold as to conjecture, is a respite from the terrible burden of responsibility. As long as you are making your own decisions the responsibility for those decisions is yours but if someone else is 'pulling the strings' you are blameless. The trick will be finding someone you trust willing to take on the responsibility of making your decision for you, even temporarily and within prearranged limits.

  • You're right in a sense. I am just tired of the burden of responsibilty, of taking care of myself, and of life in general. I have always been a passive, submissive person and am inadequately equipped to deal with life. If someone else were in a control I would just be a puppet and not have to do anything or even think for myself. Most people think this would be a prison, but to me it would be salvation.

  • Just remember that every relationship, even one such as you describe, is a two-way street. In exchange for your obedience they must agree to take care of you. If they don't you must look elsewhere for salvation.

  • Get married.

  • easy . . . join the democratic party.

  • Yep.. we handle guys like the one above me all the time.

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