They all cheered when it happened

I was wearing a tight skirt with a thong so I wouldn't have underwear lines. I was at a football game (I'm a junior in high school). There was a group of guys behind me and they were the most immature, annoying guys I've ever met. They love to mess with me, and I hate them. I was standing there waiting for my mom to pick me up, and one of the guys came up behind me and pulled my skirt up and over my waist. It was a tight skirt, so it took like five long seconds to get it back down. I was too embarrassed to turn around and let them see my face, so they all saw my ass in a thong. They started cheering too. I've never been so embarrassed in my life. I still can't believe it happened.

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  • You can get them expelled for this, if you wanted to f*** up their lives. Schools have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment now, for fear of being sued.

  • I can't believe it happened either, in fact I don't believe it happened.

  • Considering that they are so immature, is was probably the most ass they've seen in their short lives. It's still embarrassing, I get it but don't let it. I have a feeling, one of them likes you and boys in high get it. Years from now, you can look back on this and laugh.

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