Once I thought that I had a period and

Once I thought that I had a period and I put my pad on wrong.Iput on opposite.I kept on getting weggies.I had to wear it like that all day long.So embarassing!

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  • Some gay guys DO put tampons in their butts, a gay co-worker of mine told me (he's a "bear") he says it's because their a**** get so loose and leaky they have to stick something up there. Ew.

  • lol that sucks

  • that's a pretty pathetic confession =/


  • When I was little, I was walking down the street with my older cousin and she was walking funny. I asked her why, and she said that she was wearing a tampon. (she was probably 13 or 14) Well, since she was walking with her butt cheeks all squeezed together, I thought that tampons went in your butt. How was I suposed to know? I had never heard of a tampon? Luckily, by the timeI got old enough to use tampons, I had figured out where they really need to go. =P


  • Similar to a conversation sister and I had, except she didn't bother to tell her little brother that tampons were only for girls. I put a tampon in where I thought she did. She noticed I was walking funny and I told her that I was wearing a tampon too. She pulled down my pants gave the string a little tug and then rolled on the floor with laughter.

  • I am a guy who used to reuse my sister's tampons when she was finished with them. I would find them in her trash and push them back into the applicator. I would put the applicator with her used tampon inside it as far up my butt as possible and plunge it in. I removed the applicator and felt for the string, knowing that her b***** tampon was now inside me. I would put on a pair of her panties, and leave her tampon in for 3-4 hours before j********** and then removing it. The smell was intoxicating.

  • idiot

  • u r so dumb

  • that's ok. the first time i put in my tampon when i was a teen, i put the whole cardboard tube in. man was that uncomfortable. i couldn't figure out those stupid commercials where they said you wouldn't even know it was there!

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