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God I really screwed up this time. I am a college student and I am not really feeling the college life. If I was honest I can pretty much say that I find college to be the most boring thing I have ever had the misfortune to do. But I have to go, because my mother is expecting me to go and also I have completed three years of it already and it wouldn't make sense for me leave it right when i'm so close to with the way i'm feeling last semester didn't go the way it was supposed to, I didn't had in basically any of the work, I didn't show up to classes, I missed the finals for all classes but one. In the end I fail all classes that semester except for one.It funny cause I didn't start that semester thinking I was going to fail, I had actually started it determined to do the best I could to get the right grades, but one bad thing after another happened and I became lethargic,and depressed and I seriously stopped caring. But this semester I had wanted things to be different, only problem was that financial aid wont cover me any more because they said I was on academic probation. I know this would be a perfect way for me to get out of going to the college without anymore time being wasted, but I want to complete this and be able to say I've got four years of college on me, you know? So now I have to file an appeal to get them pay for my classes again. But I didn't know what the h*** I was doing when I filed that appeal, none of the reasons they had given for why I was in academic probation applied to me,and they wanted documentation as proof. I just hope I get a new chance to continue my studies.

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  • Dude same boat as u..It's like.. i wanna finish college but i just don't have the drive or motivation for it..i'm being told that "graduation and getting a good job should be enough!" and other stuff but s***..4 years is a long time..I can't seem to find a good enough drive to get me through the's like being stuck in limbo.. you wanna get ur degree but *sigh* ya know?

  • True and then all of this news about how college isnt the way to go that keeps coming out isnt helping either. it makes you doubt if by going to college if you have taken the right path.

  • Be honest with your mom and more importantly be honest with yourself. Maybe take the next semester off to refocus. Get a job to pass the time or even something that interests you. See if you can get your financial aid reinstated. If graduating is really important to you, you'll find a way to go back and get that diploma.

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