My period keeps me in my house

I don't go anywhere when I have my period cuz im too embarassed.
I worry something embarassing will happen, so I just stay home and feel depressed and ashamed of myself for feeling like this.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Just get the pads for heavyflow days (like always long or super) if you're uncomfortable with tampons. Wear dark, loose fitting pants, and bring extra pads with you in your purse. Sure, your period is annoying.. but it shouldn't make you stay home all day.

  • WTF?!? Don't you watch TV commercials? You should be out walking along the beach or horseback riding or just hanging with friends. There's all sorts of feminine products for that now.

    Have a happy period. : )

  • WTF? Why? Do use tampons or pads? I reccomend using tampons. . .they almost never leak. If you have a very heavy flow, you have to change them often, and you can also use panty liners along with the tampons. I think Tampax works the best, the ones witht he cardboard applicator can be flushed (applicator, used tampon, and wrapper), so there is no embarassment about using the restroom. By you being scared to be embarassed by your period, you are eliminating an entire week from every month! All women hget it, so none of us are embarassed by it. . .guys may be (at your age), but when you get older, nobody will give a damn. S***, you will probably be happy to see your Aunt Rose when you start having s**!

    Oh, and don't wear white or khaki pants.

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