Pad Waxing Horror

You know when you're young all you want to be is grown up? Once, I had a friend coming over to my house when I was in year 4 for a sleepover, and we were really curious about how to act older and be big girls.

I remember going into my mums draw and getting out a pad for no reason and asking my friend is she wanted one. She said she was fine, but I was curious and wanted to impress her. In the bathroom I took off its wrapping and prepared it to stick on my underwear. Everything was cool until I realised I had made a life threatening mistake! I vaguely remember think 'Oh s***' as I realised that I stuck the sticky part of the pad on my cha cha!

After a lot of hesitating, I counted to ten and ripped it OFF and in excruciating pain, and had to repeat the process a few times to get the long sticky part completely off. I HAD OFFICIALLY HAD MY FIRST WAXING EXPERIENCE... WITH A PAD!

All I remember is toddling back to the lounge room where my friend was watching TV, walking like I was constipated and carefully sitting down taking deep breaths. LOL, this experience taught me a lesson about wanting to be a big girl. Pads are dangerous, beware.

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  • Pads don't stick that rough so you didn't have an experience with waxing down there bc it's way way worse!!

  • LOL!!!!!

  • oh my god! LOL!

  • That was one of the most entertaining stories i've ever read, I'm still on the floor LMAO! Thanks for making my day.

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