Just need to vent...

I feel so lost and alone anymore. My best friend of 15 years left me behind, I lost contact most of my high school friends, I have a great boyfriend but just don't feel anything for him anymore...

My parent's are always fighting because my dad refuses to move out, so I barely see my mom anymore. She lives with her boyfriend, who I just can't stand. My father has admitted to hating me and will always take his anger for my mom out on me, because to him I'm "just like her."

I truely feel worthless anymore and wish my life wasn't stuck on pause right now. I miss my past more than anything else, the days when I was happy. I pretend to be ok but I'm just not...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Meja, it sounds like you need a fresh start. Have you thought about going back to school? Meet new people and find new interests. Take a dance class or anything to get you headed in a different direction. Don't take all that anger from him, he does not really hate you he is just looking for someone to vent on. So get out and get moving... life has great things for you!

  • take it one day at a time,yes we get bored of our loved ones and life. but its best to take it one day from personal experience

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