More of an apology than a confession.

I just wanted to take a moment and apologize to the Christopher Walken poster. I can't help but feel slightly responsible for your sudden disinterest in the Walken. You see, I'm the one who posted that confession on here awhile ago, regarding the death of Walken. After posting that, I noticed a steady decline in the frequency of Walken related posts. I tried to reassure myself that it was simply the public who was losing interest, and therefore the poster was still actively adoring Mr. Walken. Alas, I have recently read what I have truly feared. You have given up. This saddens me like you will never know. I know seasons change, tides rise and fall, the moon turns into the sun, but your love! I always imagined your love for Walken was the only constant in this here universe. You have seriously let me down. As of this instant, I have lost all faith in humanity. The sad part is, I feel somewhat responsible for this downfall of man. I submit to you this apology, that if I ever knew it would come to this, I would have never posted that confession about Walken being murdered by his psychotic fan. All I ask is that you be kind enough to post us all one farewell declaration to the man. Please, if not for me, then do it for Christopher Walken!!

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  • ^ Thank you! Please do! Soon!

  • skinning-you thought a lot of people would be down with that? gotta say though, that wasn't nearly as big a turnoff as the sudden influx of cp. get back to b.

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