I wish sometimes that I never had kids

I wish sometimes that I never had kids. I love them and they can be great. But I am selfish and want to sleep in, lay on the couch, not watch cartoons, not have to share my snack, pee in peace, walk around naked, not have the damned car seat in the back, go out to bars all the time, bring home men (s**** the fact that I married and the little trophy wife who "likes to play nurse for a living" D***, I make more money then you!!!) and all the great things that I miss from my early twenties.

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  • in other words u missin ur slutyness???

  • What needs to happen is you need to thank God for your children. There are so many women out there trying to get pregnant, but it is women like you that make me mad. Being selfish is ok sometimes, yes, but come on! You are an adult, with responsibilities! Put your children first! I couldn't tell you how much I wish my Mom was more attentive to me...how much I wish she loved me. You give your children all you have and don't sit there and hope the time passes fast. That is absurd! Enjoy the moments you have now. You will never have these moments again and someday when you’re all grown up, and hopefully matured more, you will regret the time not spent with your children. You disgust me. I’m 23 years old and have more sense than you. Grow up.

  • wow, you all suck. your children are going to grow up hating you, and when you're old and decrepid, you'll wish you cared about them more when they stick your sick ass in a two-bit nursing home...

  • I feel the same way, baby. Im 24 with 4 kids and raising them on my own. But there aint s*** that I can do about it except hope and pray that time goes by fast. Im looking forward to them being in school.

  • It's natural to be selfish, I think. I was the same way with my own children. Course, now that I've gotten more mature, I see it for the selfish immaturity it was. However, it doesn't change the fact that although my kids are now teenagers, I still feel this way sometimes!

  • grow up and quite being so selfish!!!

  • funny,,, I have that same wish sometimes... but I think it would only be fun for a while

  • are you a man or a woman. confused

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