Diaper girl

I never use the toilet. I love peeing and pooping in diapers and wear them 24/7. I pee at work whenever I want, and p*** in them too, but not at work. I love to p*** in them while shopping and get a reaction from people around me as they smell the p***. It's great to be able to pee in bed at night and not have to get up. I found a boyfriend who finds it erotic that I do this, which is great, cuz I haven't had a bf that did before him. Sometimes I leak, esp in bed, but don't mind. It's worth it.

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  • Baby, my wife and her girlfriend are into this and I love it, we pee on each other during and after s**. The game we're all playing now we call peezy, where the girls and I drink a lot of liquid, booze or water ( the girls prefer coconut milk and celery juice cause it makes them taste good) but the object is to see whom can hold their pee the longest while having us preform oral s** on them.. but when we do start peeing we have to let out small amounts at a time all the way through or you loose! it's wide and so much fun very pleasurable too!


  • ......filthy....sick........dirty......depraved..........h*** awaits....

  • You are one very sick f***.

  • Where have you been all my life. I want you.

  • I'm so glad you are doing this because you love it. So many people deny themselves the pleasure. I love to go in diapers too, but only wear them some of the time. Tell me, have you noticed that since you wear them all the time that it is becoming hard for you to hold your urine? Do you just always let it flow whenever you need to go? I think it would be so cool to become totally reverted to a baby and have complete incontinence.

  • I usually hold me s*** till its convenient, but peeing just happens. I still have some control for short periods of time, but usually choose to let it out right away as soon as I feel like I have to pee. Sometimes, I will drink a lot of water and take my diaper off and sit on my bf and pee through my jeans onto his lap. We both love that.

  • You are deluded. What you are doing is TOTALLY going to lead to horrible skin rashes, vaginal infections, and worse. And all your family and friends are going to stop being around you or inviting you over.

  • My family still loves me, and I haven't got a rash yet, and its been years.

  • .....fake as f***..........

  • This is some gross s***

  • ......no pun intended..........?

  • I agree. Not just the OP but the other posters are sick, sick, SICK!!!

  • Yes, totally disgusting. Eeeewwwww!

  • I tried to convince my husband to play along with my little fetish like yours, but he would just never go for it. So finally, I went out and got myself a boyfriend who was down for anything, and now he loves to have me p*** all over him and even in his mouth. And he reeeeeeally loves it when I s*** on him. He's not eating my s*** yet, but I hope one day he will. We always have to clean him up good before I let him go home to his wife, who has no scat fetish at all and can't even stand the idea of sharing those bodily functions with a man: she won't even let him watch. My husband has no clue that I'm falling in love with this other man, or that this other man both owns my body AND he's a slave to it. God, all this filth makes me want his babies.

  • It's so rare to find someone like him that you should definitely consider a divorce from your hubby.

  • I wish I could find a girl like you!!

  • God you sexy b****! I love you!

  • That's HOT!!

  • Your boyfriend is totally right. But he's missing out on even more fun and sexiness and sensuality. He should be letting you -- actually, INSISTING that you -- go on him and in his mouth and down his throat. He shouldn't swallow the p***, of course, but just squeezing the rounds off in his mouth will turn both of you on beyond belief. But, still, some people don't want the No.2 in or on them, but almost everybody loves the watery golden joy. You can't do it in total public, but you can totally slip into a restroom when you're out, and let him drink your nectar direct from the source. Don't let these opportunities pass you by!

  • He likes me to pee on him in the back yard, but he's only turned on by me s******* in the diaper, not on him.

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