I was tempted by the fruit of another

A while back, my wife and I were going through a rough spot. I wanted to end our marriage, she had moved out with a friend (and came back later). At the time I had a friend who was breaking up with his girlfriend. The problem with that is, she needed a place to live, and quickly, because she has a 4 year old boy.My wife and I offerd her our spare bedroom.
The other problem is, we both wanted each other. So, we did what came next. We had the best s** ever, for extended periods of time, doing the kinky s*** like I have never experienced for about a month. When she moved out, she called not the house phone, but my cell phone upto 10 times over the course of the evening. My wife and I had decided to patch things up, and I had to tell bitchface not to call anymore. I stopped calling her back, and sort of phased her out. Now, I see her everywhere, and I secretly want to bang her again. I don't know what to do.... and, I think Im half gay

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Yeah, the last line is great. Maybe your nipple and t******* on one side are gay, or maybe you're gay on alternate days. Maybe you're just a little bit happy.

    Seriously though, bastardface, I hope your wife was getting some good quality loving before she came home to your confused ambivalence.

  • I love that you just slipped in the half-gay thing in right at the end as if it wasn't really that important. How can you be only half-gay? Do you mean bisexual, perhaps?

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