I am a good looking guy, college

I am a good looking guy, college educated at a UC, I have a good job, I have my own place with no roomates and i have a good future ahead of me.

But, over the past few years i have come to be turned on by really bizarre s** stuff on the net such as Japanese girls eating feces, women having s** orgies with animals, girls giving b******* to horses and dogs.....

Stuff like this used to appall me but now......now I get some of the most monster ejaculations when i m********* to this stuff.

What the h*** happened?

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  • Maybe life is going so well for you and so normal that your not actually aroused by the act itself but by the fact its mostly seen as wrong and disgusting. Like an outlet for the dark side. Either way I don't see anything wrong with you. If anything you seem alright ;)

  • You're not hurting anyone.... just keep it to yourself

  • Whatever turns you on, just go for it!

  • Stop j********** and get a girlfriend or a h*****

  • So long as you hurt no one, and it doesn't become an addiction that takes over your life (i.e. you lose your job, etc.).. I see nothing wrong with it.

  • I hope you find whats right for you and dont listen to what anyone says(or what the law, society or morals state), then i hope this makes you happy.
    Love for your decisions xx

  • Evil has gotten a hold on you. Do you have any faith at all? I know how easily the pit of h*** can trap us and you do need freedom. Get the book Bondage Breakers, find a good pastor (that may be a bit more difficult), and set your mind on not touching the stuff for at least one month. You can get free.

  • your f****** weird. you need help. get a girlfriend

  • yo wat does feces mean?

  • S*** the bed tonight and roll in it!

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