Men are just like children, bless them!

I have three male friends, J, K and M. Oh and they make me feel just like a mother! I love taking them to McDonald's and shouting them ice-cream after work. They joke around with each other and shove each other sometimes and punch each other on the shoulder. They're all so excitable and easy to entertain. Once we bought a happy meal, just for some sort of joke, and when I saw them playing with the toys that was when I realized how I felt about them: I wish J, K and M were my kids. I keep a picture in my purse of each of them, I even showed it to someone once while I was away on a business trip, I said "these are my children" and they believed me and said they were so handsome! I bought them all Christmas gifts for this year already I love these darlings so much!

I'm thinking of telling J, K and M how I really feel about them. I feel just as much a mother to these three friends as any natural mother. I keep thinking, how can I get them to really accept me as their mother? Will they go along with it? Will they accept me?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • show them your p**** and tell them"you came out of that" then they will accept you.get some a*** beads and stuff them up your ass and tell them there is a toy at the end of it and they will pull it out....or just buy them some ice cream

  • They act like children because they are trying to enjoy life not because their stupid or immature i am a smart guy but when i am around my buds i act like i am 13 again. life is short live each day like its your last

  • Ahhhh, this is the first time I've laughed all day. Thanks, guys. :)

  • ^Did you even READ the comments? You stupid w*****, it was the Brits and Yanks arguing about their countries, it had NOTHING to do with your post.

  • This was viewed over 200 times 0_0?!

    This is OP here, face palming you all. I mean come on it really is THE most pathetic and obvious attempt at an insult. Why are you even paying it the time of day?

  • I just want to thank everyone, English and American, for taking us back to the old days of confessionpost, even if only for a fleeting moment.

  • America is probably overrated in a lot of places but BRITAIN DOWNRIGHT SUCKS! Grow some brains already!

  • ^Wow, and the genius is back.

  • I will never give the definition of the word invent ever again.

  • ^Has every right to be a hypocrite. I've been to England, sorry a lot more fat English than you let on about.
    My cousin from Dublin said about the same thing "You see a thin person from Great Britain, they're Irish or Scottish."
    Besides, love that your royalty is a result from inbreeding. If I want to be led by someone I want their family tree to branch off, if you get my meaning.

  • Jealous of Britain's superiority? Oh yeah, I forgot the superior surveillance system on every damn lampost and building in London, the laws that let packs of kids beat the s*** out of other kids, and get no time for it You ladies and gentlemen were worth something at one time, but now the only difference between you and America is your location.


    What a superior country. I don't hate England, never have, but don't f****** push yourselves as being better.


  • ye ye . hail the queen ma she is a stupid w****. Priincess diana was a c** bag. you sir are a pissy w***** who licks his own p****. I hate england i hate the way you speak and for god sakes see a dentist. Oh ye a dentist is a doctor who specializes in teeth.

  • f*** all you pissy w***** brits. if it wasnt for us you would be speaking german. Oh ye the french can f*** off to ungratful a*******. n*****

  • ^Even smarter! What a brilliant mind you must have!

  • ^Wow, you're a genius with the comebacks. You've got to be from Manchester

  • ^You know the definition of invent?
    1. To produce or contrive (something previously unknown) by the use of ingenuity or imagination.
    2. To make up; fabricate.
    England did not say "Lets colonize this new continent, so they can rebel against us and beat the everliving s*** out of us. Then they will create their own country."
    I think our independence was not something you planned, so you did not invent us.
    Kind of sad really, a person from the country that spawned the language can't use it properly.

  • Aww come on boys, is it really that insulting? Don't you find it sweet in some (ok yes twisted, sick) way?

  • ^ Which doesn't mean we should forgive them for the incorrect use of "there", rather than "their". It's grammatical sacrilege.

  • They all f*** each other and she eats the c** out of there a****

  • ^You're missing the point, she wasn't relating a confession, she was trying to troll men into rude responses.

  • I know what you mean, I have some women friends, can't tie their own shoelaces without directions, so I'm always looking out for them.

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