If there is a troll in a thread

with a signiture name saying negative crud and stirring up trouble; ignore them. Seriously. They just want attention or a name for themselves, and unlike trolls who just troll for one time fixes, you can easily spot them by the signiture name and help stop them in their tracks by: TA-DA! IGNORING THEM!

That or else state the truth, and nothing but the hard breaking truth with no frills attached. That they are indeed attention seekers. Not a good idea to respond to them at all but some people seem not to be able to help themselves.

Simple truth cuts through any lie that it fits like a hard blade, a shadow can not exist anymore in the light. So if you need to react to these people, at least state the truth with no frills as a reaction. Frills, sarcastic little insults that you hurl at strangers, are really a lack of substantial truth in themselves aren't they? And they just allow more room for more needless fussing around between you and the attention seeker without getting to the point. Truth is how I smart mouth people in real life often, and it works. I'm not trying to be poetic here, just give some good advice.

Course they'll just spit some other crud at you that's really unrelated or else try to look cool by looking rebellious in the situation instead, but often with an attention seeker you make them obvious and make their fun look pointless, if they continue it, by pointing them out for what they really are. Anything in the conversation from then on is just lame.

And before you troll this thread, I will be ignoring you.

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  • ^The last three posts were all the same person. Sorry junior but it takes a little more skill than that to start a forum war.

  • Guys, just stop it. Did you even read the OP's confession? They were making a valid point, and here you guys go and take a giant s*** all over it. Well, f*** you guys. Confessionpost really needs to mature a little.

  • OP sucks n***** c****. How do you like dem apples, OP?

  • I hate n******, jews, asians n gays and the person who wrote this thred. Die you filthy c***. Kill ýourself you p*** hole.


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