Hear my Goth Roar!

I am tired of my GOTH brothers and sisters being mocked by pathetic little suburbanites!

I am going to use ALL the powers of the Necronomicon to lay a curse on all of you that mock us!

And I didn't just buy the 7.00 one, I bought the collectors edition with my birthday money! Thats 35.00!

You will never understand the darkness of this world, so don't even try!

Live in your little fairy tale world of sunshine and goodness!

And my girlfriend says she'll use her powers too, and she's a real live wiccan!


Jul 8, 2010

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  • oh no! noy ALL the powers of the Necronomicon! what is that? Dirty looks and ill-thoughts? ouch my feelings =[

  • l****!

  • Stupid goth kids. Get a f****** life woo hoo I'm different, I'm dark and depressed all the time. Real cool.you should all go suck each others d****

  • wow, you're really gay

  • ooooooooooh... you are so scary and spooky!! Yikes the $35 version, they better watch it then! I don't know why you and your friends aren't taken seriously. Maybe you should throw fireballs at the bastards with you evil magic eyes

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