Please, I need help... I think...

I did something with someone who was significantly younger than me and I have hated myself and been in a prison of self regret, self hate and remorse since it occurred. It was a sper of the moment thing and I wasn't in my right state of mind. I was very depressed and lonely. He was right there and I let whatever happen happen.

I am not in anyway like this and this sort of thing will never ever happen again but I don't know how to deal with the day to day fear that someone will find out. I would rather die than to deal with the consequences however, I am living in my own created h*** and now this person holds total control over everything in my life and they know it and use it to the best of their ability for their own benefit to get anything they want.

I don't know what to do. I think I am going crazy and at times I have even thought of killing myself. Can anyone help me!?

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  • I hate n******, spics, and jews

  • let the by gone be by gone move with your life always think that there are thousands of people out there in the world who might has done things terrible than you did though they do not kill themselves or destroying their lives remember "The greatest thing is not never falling but Rising every time you fall"

  • You have real guilt, and that is a good sign. You can't undo what you did, but you can try to deal with your inner shame and such.

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