life problem

i want to get my life together but its hard for me..i want to do many things but they all interfere with each other..if i join the army, ill be in shape, gain confidence in myself, make me not go crazy, be set financially, but i also don't have that "drive" to physically hurt someone if situation ever occurs. and since im still young, i dont want to miss being with my friends and experience what the world has to offer. but if i do that, i know i wont go nowhere and i'm going to be stuck at my job where i cant save up for a car,i only make enough at my job to live check by check struggling with food and bills, not live up to what i think my potential is. i also want to be with my family more but there is something inside of me though that wants to depart from everyone i know and become someone who im not. which is something i strongly hate about some people. i just dont want my life to be wasted in the end by me over thinking everything i do or potentially do and wonder what i could of done. i just know if i do one thing, i'll let some people that i love down and if i do the other same thing will happen..this may not be a problem for most people but this is the things that keeps me awake at seems to me that everyone i know has and knows their purpose in life and for me it seems like im not suppose to have one..i have a lot more in my head to talk about but i've written enough

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Join the Army!!! You sound so confused. It will be good for you.

    Do it today! Good Luck.

  • Die

  • Ahhh.. you think you are the only twenty-something old who can not decide what that next step is? There are thousands like you who havn't decided to continue with education (a few more years of poverty) yet and are looking for the secret of life.

    Don't join the military. Its like prison. Except you have a gun and you still wont know where the shank came from. It'll take up years of your life and you'll take skills away from it, and maybe some friends you wish you never met, and some who may have saved your life.

  • ^He should know, he did not join the military or get a job, now he's a douche.

  • do whatever you want for yourself
    you cant make anyone else happy unless your happy yourself
    everything requires sacrifice.

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