I don't even know.

There's a guy who wants to have ** with me, but I'm not ready and I keep turning him down.
However, I can't stop masturbating to his pictures and to the thought of him. But I'm still not going to actually have ** with him.

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  • Don't hop in the bed too soon. He will think you're easy and he'll dump you for someone else. Wait till you've been on at least 10 dates before you have ** with him. If he still dumps you, oh well! You then would know this dude was a waste of time and you didn't need him anyway.

  • When did you realize you were gay?

  • Do not have ** with him!

    All guys want to have ** with every body.

    Wait until you are really in love.

  • YOU ** **!!!

  • ^ Loser.

    OP, I don't see anything wrong with how things are. Keep turning him down. He's looking for a easy lay. Get the dinner/dance stuff first. Make him court you for those goodies. Or check how good he is at oral on you before you give in.

  • Your a **. Give the guy some ** you **. You are a selfish **. He will find another slit to **. You are not the only hole in world. You cumbag

  • The fantasy is almsot always better than the reality

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