I can hardly sleep anymore. I haven't reached full never-sleeping-at-all state yet, but I'm getting only 1-3 hours every night. Some nights I don't sleep at all. I'm incredibly tired all the time but I still can't fall asleep. I don't know how to fix it.
I thought I should quit school for this semester to relieve stress which might help me sleep, but my parents shot it down immediately and told me I had to finish the semester before I take any time off. I'm an adult but they pay my tuition and I'm afraid they'll not pay for it later if I disobey their wishes now. I told them I can't sleep but they don't care. I think they think I am just exaggerating.
I can't stand it anymore. I hope I die of sleep deprivation. I can't live like this anymore. Every waking hour hurts. Maybe I'll finally pass out in the street and get hit by a bus.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • go to a doctor, there are over the counter sleep aid's as well...

  • Stop doing coke. Your a n***** lover

  • Go to a doctor, or the clinic and ask for help? I'm sure they'll get you something to knock you out. Or find a friend and blaze up? It'll relax you, if you can just sit for a bit and chill.

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