white girls who date black guys, stop it,

im so sick and tierd of seeing sexy white girls who date black guys, and tiired of seeing them project themselves as somtihng they are not, even if you grew up on in the hood doesnt mean you have to talk a certain way, or try to act hard, and be accepted, i have dated african american women all mustard life and married to an aaf, and dont have to act (hood) or (ghetto), thank you and have a nice day, keep it real...

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  • These girls enjoy being used in this way

  • I see,racism is still alive and kicking!

  • Kinda like a guy who likes to suck d*** acting like a chic, more exaggerated though. Sick f**** just want to be noticed.

  • "not everyone can be the Cosbys."

    And not everyone wants to!

  • Well, the pressure of conformity to fit in a social circle can be strong.

    Not everyone can be the Cosbys.

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