I no longer love the person I loved unrequitedly for 6 years, and it makes me feel lost. It makes me feel guilty. It makes me feel free. It makes me feel alone.

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  • What it should make you feel is pathetic. You didn't take the shot when you had it and now you will never know what you missed out on. It's still eating at you on the inside, and always will. You want applause for being a coward? Look elsewhere.

  • It makes you feel like the socially inept virgin you still are. Woe is you. Pity, pity, pity. Shut up.

  • My wife stopped loving me. It was so cold and lonely.

  • Pity and the person you loved will feel betrayed.

  • To the second poster.......Are you f****** kidding me?!?!?!
    Try Santa claus too. F****** freak

  • That void can be filled with the Lord.

  • you have a another hole in your heart to replace the hole that was already there. that sucks.

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