dont take your wife for granted

To my wife i am so sorry for not listening for not being by your side when you needed have been there for me so many times i can not have and aways been the back bone of our knew i could not do alot to help and you stayed by my side anyway.all you ask of me was to be your soulmate be there to listen and show that i am trying.and i had to mess it up because i did not feel like a man pride got in the way so i pulled away from you stop talking to you because i did not know how to tell you how i was feeling.i felt like i was one of the kids i did not feel like a father or husband.i felt like a kid being takeing care of by his for the last three years i push my self at my job and now i am doing good. money is better and i am still not happy. i am about to lose my wife because it has never been about money with was about the small things in life talking and listening and being understanding to her all the mens out there remember our wifes dont ask much from us so do the little things come home and take the kids out so she can rest and dont be afraid to let her dont make you less of a man it show that you have her back.if my wife forgive me i promise to do what i am suppose to do as a father and husband.the h*** with my ego and pride.(one more thing never take ur wife for granted)to (kessa i love you)you are my heart what good am i if i lose my heart.i am sorry.i love u so much my eyes was close and now they are open please forgive me

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If only :(

  • I would love if my husband wrote this to me.

  • He didn't. *sad trombone*

  • i took my wife for granted and she is almost ready to leave
    i am willing to change everything for her
    how can we repair the resentment?

  • Money doesn't make anyone happy. I don't mind tending to my husband as long as he makes me feel loved and appreciated. You are not less of a man because you admitted your mistake. Unfortunately, some people have to go through things to appreciate what they have. Lets pray that it isn't too late. If God gives you another opportunity... don't ever forget this lesson. That comment from the first person is the mentality that gets most men into this situation. They are too proud to admit they were wrong and then realize it to soon. All the money or riches can not buy a good woman.

  • When you say- dont be afraid to let her dont make you less of a man it show that you have her back-

    Yeah, that's all we want. Have our back- we always have yours.

  • you don't sound like a p****. You sound sincerely regretful. I hate when things like this happen because you had the chance to do what was needed the whole time but you didn't because you were more concerned about feeling secure in yourself at any expense- even if it meant losing the love of your life.

    Jobs come and go- but the good love of a good woman? That's not one of those 'dime a dozen' things. I'm sorry it took this to make you see and I wish more men could read this and get a clue- but when they are as wrapped up in their pride as you used to be, it probably wouldn't get through anyway. This is so sad. And I'm so sorry.

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