Isn't it ironic?

You've spent the last year telling me to get the f*** out and now that I have the money to do just that, you're all hurt and offended that I don't want to stay? Seriously?

All this time you spent hounding me, accusing me of using you as a 'meal ticket' and being 'out to get you' in one crazy conspiracy scheme after another and you're upset because I don't want to stick around?

The only reason you used that threat was because you knew I had no place else to go. And using that was a great tool for you, wasn't it? A great way to be manipulative and domineering- and you just can't figure out what part of all that bothers me? I had no place else to go and you threatening me with a place to stay every other day if you didn't get your way with something cued me in to what a big fat f****** J*** you often choose to be.

Truthfully, yeah, we were getting along better here lately than we ever had. But that doesn't mean I've forgotten what you did. And I don't know why you're upset anyway. I'm helping you pay off all your stuff with the money I won- and then I'm getting the h*** out of dodge. So why are you so upset? Am I really supposed to just 'forget it all'? You scared me and you hurt me and treated me like a child. You didn't have to be that way but that's the way you chose to be and that is the impression you've left on my heart. That you're an individual who has no problem being cruel.

Using that threat over me was the equivalent of taking advantage and beating the crap out of someone in a wheelchair. I felt like I lost my whole life in that disaster and I'm still not over it and you thought it a good idea to take what little I had left in my life and USE it against me by threatening to throw me, my kids and my things out basically on a whim and whenever you were throwing a tantrum of some sort? Honest up- does it feel good knowing you're that type of person? I mean really! Does it? I wanna know!

I told you my situation would change and you sneered in my face- and oh boy,quick as a flash, has it changed in a big way now. And so NOW your tail is between your legs. NOW you're humble. NOW. You had to be a big fat j*** all year and then wait until NOW to pull your head out of your ass. Bravo.

This- this was a test, I think. This was a test to let me see what you REALLY are. And what you really are is a bully. I told you something would come to get me out of this situation because I wasn't brought to this earth for you to kick around. You didn't have to believe me- I didn't need you to. But now that the scales weigh in my favor, substantially, now you're Mr. Sorry.

You know the adage 'careful what you wish for- you just might get it?' You wanted me the f*** out? Well, you got your wish and now that you've got your wish you don't want it. You say you don't care about the money. Well, I know you do and I'm going to do you a big favor.

And remember I told you: what we speak about, we bring about; what we dwell upon happens? Well, you spoke it d******. Get the f*** out, get the f*** out, get the f*** out. That was you for an entire year. You spoke it. You will always get back what you put out. And that is why I kept telling you that it is extremely important that we say what we mean and mean what we say ALWAYS. So for the love of God, don't be upset with ME now. Be upset with yourself, you big fat stupid mouthy, know it all, never listen to anyone P****. And you shouldn't even be upset- in essence, you got what you wanted. You should be dancing with glee. Instead you're all upset. And that just makes me think: spoiled f***. You get everything you want and you still can't appreciate it. J***.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Dump this f*****,leave for good, and don't use your money you won to pay off anything for him ,either.Good luck to you.:-)

  • Ditch him.

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