biggest mistake of my life

the only thing in my life i can honestly say i messed up was pretending i loved my husband, and by marrying him i could get over another guy. i feel like i was supposed to be with this other guy, but it was always wrong time, wrong place. now we are both married, living two different lives, he has a baby, but we both feel this omg attraction. i can tell you that if he left his wife, i would leave my husband. it wouldn't matter if we were on the streets, begging for food. in my heart i know we were supposed to be together, and i messed it up....

Jul 8, 2010

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  • you need to get in contact and be truthful....if he doesn't reciprocate, then you need to move on, But if there's something there, life is too short to not spend it together!!!!!

  • i live with the hope that we will outlive our spouces and be together in the end. it is hard to describe the love i have for him after all these years. so yes i do understand.

  • i understand

  • ^Jake wrote this.

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