I've done wrong

I couldnt even find the right category to put this in . I've messed up , real bad . i was in a relationship with a guy for 2-3 months (the last one was all messed up , break/back together ) and he had told me he was going to move to another far away place for a year . i was heartbroken blah blah blah and crying and his friend had picked me up from my tears . he was so sweet and wwas always there for me . he was a rebound for my ex because he was always such an a****** . I couldnt see myself in a relationhip with him , so i broke up with him . then my ex boyfriend came back two weeks later . i stayed calm doing me when my ex's friend Best friend hit me up and flirted with me and he was cute so i fell for him . me and him were in a relationship but it downfell because he only used me for s** . I had to tell my ex's friend i slept with his best friend , and i feel terrible . I feel discusted but Damn i dont know what to do . i never done this and im a really good hearted persona dn i have a really bad guilty conscience and i havent eaten for 2 days . i need help . :(

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  • Been there done that, people can be jerks.

  • Don't feel bad, you simply made a mistake and its okay because we learn from mistakes, my advice to u is to just move on from both of those people. And try finding yourself, good to school, or work, and takecare of yourself, love yoirself and be the person u want to be live for you & god if u choose. And do what makes u happy

  • I didnt want no problems , you get me ? Like I wanted to come down clean but didnt want to loose anybody . I guess that is the best thing I can do . Thanks for your advice and understanding . Most people are judgmental without knowing reasons .

  • So you were used for s**...what did he provide you? Just think about it.

  • He didn't provide me anything . Nothing but lies and probably a phony friendship .

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