I'm terrified. I might have cancer and it is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. If I do have cancer, I get the choice: chemotherapy and lose all my hair without guarunteeing the cancer is gone, or have my reprouctive system destroyed by radiation therapy, with the knowledge that the cancer is gone.
I'm not even 18 yet.
I don't know what to do.

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  • ^ Oh my god! Cancer is contagious?

    No no no. She doesn't have cancer if she has a bald p****. Just means she was at the vet earlier with her cat.

    Now I can't think of anything but bald. Mmm.

  • I know a guy who's treatment took well. He kept all of his hair too. Except on his throat and face. He never has to shave again.

    Losing his hair was the least of his problems. Don't let vanity kill you.

  • I'm so sorry and wish the best for you and will pray that what ever the outcome you face it with dignity and grace. My wife just told me of a co-worker who has cancer and is going through cancer treatment and the other day shecame to work with her head shaved but a huge smile, saying it was going to go anyway so she just went a head and shaved it herself. Good luck to you.

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