I know i'm supposed to care and all. But I'm so sick of hearing about Trump and Hilary. Both are absolute cancer and don't deserve to be anywhere near the White House.

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  • Before two intolerable political options, it is morally imperative to reject both -- Leon Trotsky

    US and allied troops rehearse an invasion of Russia on Russia's border almost daily. We teeter on the edge of WW III and inevitably thermonuclear holocaust, guilty media treacherously demands that we fixate on every little candidate twitch.

    Elections, media and the state itself -- a lie and a w****.

  • I don't think this country needs a president any more. We've outgrown the need of having one person represent the entire country. The position of president has become completely farcical within the past 20 years. Each and every topic, regulation, law, and amendment should be voted upon on a local level on a regular basis and then the tally could be present to locally elected individuals and then a general consensus could be reached nationwide based on votes received in each region of the country. I think we need to reclaim the statement of "By the People, For the People."

  • And the two major political parties are going to keep on sending us these crap candidates as long as we keep taking it. Time to vote a third party into office and show them what happens if they can't nominate a decent presidential candidate.

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