Disgusted with money

I really want to finish college. I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011. I'm over $10,000 in medical debt after doing a year of chemotherapy. I still have cancer.
I started having seizures again last week. I can't afford to go the doctor because I'm so broke from trying to pay off the medical bills from when I did have health insurance. I can't afford it now that I don't.
Every night I go to work and bring these rich people food and pour them drinks. I hate them. A million dollars on a 14 year old's birthday party? I could live on that for the rest of my life. If I was rich, I wouldn't be dying. If I was rich, I could have graduated by now. Instead I'm working this s***** job and all my money goes to MD Anderson. I'm 25, I just wanna see my 30s, but whats the point when life is so sad?

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  • Talk to a hospital social worker if you're eligible for Medicaid and others like disability benefits. As for your medical debt, you can file for bankruptcy when it gets too much.

  • People can spend their money the way they want. Direct your resentments where it belongs, which are not being able to finish college and your money problems. Hospitals will usually negotiate with you and give you a significant discount. Please do it sooner than later or your medical bills will go to collection. Maybe you could max out your credit cards and then file for bankruptcy? Consult with a bankruptcy lawyer what your options are. I'm sorry about your brain tumor and seizures. Have you tried filing for disability and apply for Medicaid? Good luck.

  • Sign up for Obamacare; This program was created for these reasons.

  • Much of this anxiety your bringing on yourself . First nearly all hospitals in America forgive much of their debt , at least in a case like yours . If you make a tiny payment every month they typically leave you alone . I live in The Woodlands , and Texas is non garnishment state, and thousands never pay their bills and yet continue with life . Some states they are brutal and will garnish your wages . Your taking things to the extreme . You may be majoring in the wrong subjects , worthless educated people are everywhere , taking worthless subjects . Houston had 97,700 new jobs in the last 12 months , we need over 50,000 skilled workers just in the Oil Technology industry . Much of this only requires a 2 year associates degree to make 150,000 per year . But we beg students to get real with life all the time and they refuse . If your sick you can not work , but if and when you get well you can land a great job . Typically they do not hold medical debts against you in your job application in Texas , Our young people are simply ignorant to real life and make giant mistakes , do not listen to your friends , most are quite stupid and do not know how to land a great job . Perhaps your dreaming instead of living in real time , I am a jobs activist and can not get people to work or take the right subjects , People take what they want instead of something solid that will bring in lots of money

  • Sorry you're going through this. Yea, it sucks when people have money and you don't. But people don't have to justify how they make money or what they choose to do with it. And stealing, probably wouldn't be the smartest thing. What about going to a Free clinic. They have to treat you. Have you ever thought about putting your story up on youtube to gain national attention for your personal financial needs? Call local TV stations asking them to do a story on you, raise awareness for brain cancer. Or even using one of those websites (Gofundme.com, crowdfunding.com, GiveForward.com) asking friends and family to donate? Use social media to get your message out there. Maybe your place of work will help you out. Create an event at your restaurant.


  • That is a great idea!
    I'm shy though and I don't know if I could put myself out there like that. It's definitely worth a try.
    Of course, this is just my opinion and I don't expect anyone else to feel the same way, but deep down I feel that the way these people live is wrong regardless of how they got their money. Spending $30,000 on a dinner party, buying cars that cost more than houses, spending 2 grand to go watch a football game. These people are removed from reality, they live in a cocoon of money. They don't understand that what they're doing is wrong. But it is wrong, I firmly believe that. It's wasteful, and we have nothing to waste. Our planet is dying trying to feed this mindless consumerism we have allowed to develop, and people are dying because of it everyday. And when those rich art f*** people laugh and sip their wine and talk about all the good their doing for the community by buying s*** it makes me sick.

  • Yes! You must do something. It's really important to get your story out there, raise some money for your medical bills and school. An idea for a video, write your message on poster boards, if you're not comfortable talking. But don't put this off. Do your coworkers or employers know about your health issues?

  • I regret you're going through this, I'm sorry to hear. I don't what I would do if I were you. Have you considered stealing from these people? If I were in your situation I would do almost anything to save my life. You should find a way (even if it's illegal) to get money as long as you're not hurting anyone. If you can't afford any doctors now that you don't have money, you will die, and that will be the end. If you do steal, you could save your life and beat cancer. Find a way to do it without getting caught. I know this is normally bad advice, I wouldn't say it to someone whose life wasn't endangered, but in your case, no money, no help, etc, I really think you should give it a shot. Fight for your life with everything you got. If you're not willing to do that, maybe seek help from an organization that deals with cancer (but I highly doubt this will do anything substantial, if anything at all), or as a last resort, sell your body (yeah that's the worst idea ever but in desperate times you make desperate decisions). Keep us updated.

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