I wish i was a cancer survivor. Perhaps it is the TV show, or maybe i just want the attention and sympathy, but i want cancer, i want to go bald, to struggle, and to come out on top, healthy again...weird huh?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You should be f****** ASHAMED that you would wish for something like that. Do you know how many people in the world wish they could be healthy like you ? If you wish for cancer you never know what could happen. You just may not end "up on the top" like you hoped for. Have f****** fun. Im mad now...

  • P.S A possible solution? 1) a website devoted to confessions from those who have or are going through serious illness, no heroics, just the bare facts. 2) for those who have been pulled in by the misrepresentation of serious illness, I suggest they try to get to really know a person who is going through it. To be open to hearing how hard it often is. To try their best to help the person, perhaps starting with practical help. That would probably go a long way towards dispelling the myths. And also to have a good think about why they are not getting what they need/think they need from their life as it is, and some healthier, more productive ways of filling the gap. e.g counselling, art therapy, anything that is expressive of true feelings.....

  • It's not weird at all. In fact it's a noted phenomenon to wish for the attention, support, admiration and other benefits that are -believed- to always come with life changing illness (or accidents/attacks/all sorts of calamities).
    When people wish for serious illness or similar, they are not deliberately being disrespectful to people who really are going through it (and I am, and have been for more than a few years now, so I'm plenty qualified to comment thanks!). They just don't realise how draining it is, how ill you feel. They don't realise how us chronically ill people often feel under great pressure to play the hero, to hide how crappy we feel inside a lot of the time! A lot of very ill people do not get any loving attention, any practical help. We lie in our sick beds, alone, month after month. Often smelling our own stinking bodies, the smell of a dirty flat, because we're too ill to clean it like we always used to. Because the world often forgets about you when you get so ill (and then poor).But I am NOT ANGRY with people who wish for serious illness, because I honestly think they cannot know what it's really like. And the media often fuel this misunderstanding by only showing the most gripping, dramatic sides of the story. And us ill people feel compelled to keep up the charade, because, on the occasions when we are honest about how bad it often is, no one wants to know, cos it's too scary and too sad.
    So I have no anger towards this phenomenon, we have created it together.

  • My best friend just died of cancer and her funeral was today. This is the first thing I see afterwards. I don't even want to tell you how sick I feel right now.

  • Hey guys this is called "confession post" As f***** up as it sounds this person is being honest. We all have sick, weird thoughts...that's just the way it is. This person just had the b**** to share there weird and unusual thought. People who are getting mad are taking it too personally...Calm down.

  • I don't think you want cancer, I think you want something that makes your life challenging and meaningful. Try doing something good with your time and you will get the same positive attention you would as a patient in a hospital; the difference is you will have earned it without the cancer. But hey, half of all American men and one third of American women get cancer sometime in their life anyway, so you may eventually get your wish.

  • You are a sad pathetic attention seeking little s***

  • you should be ashamed for wishing something like that , many people die of that ! You should respect the life that was given to you !

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