I'll admit

completely anon though, that
1. I like girls too (I am a girl)
2. I don't think I'll ever be able to tell anyone that I do.
3. I don't love Rob Pattinson as much as I used to.
4. I don't even know if moving back will work out, even if my parents let me.
5. I need to get laid.
6. I wish I was white.
7. I don't want to get too skinny, just skinny enough where i'll look really good.
8. I used to steal books from school when I was in Elementary.
9. I hate stereotypical black guys, or people who act like them.
10. I'm grateful I don't know my real father.
11. I'm grateful that I wasn't raised around other black people.
12. I'm okay with being the token black girl.
13. All I want is to marry some strong, oppinionated white guy with a big truck.
14. I know i'm better than that.
15. I wish I could pull off wearing heels in everyday life.
16. I'm so insecure about my feet. (which really have nothing wrong with them, they're just funny looking.)
17. The people I create on the Sims are all I need for friends.
18. I love my cat more than I care about most other people.
19. I'm trying to get better.
20. I'm sick of being homeschooled.
21. I love my mother, but I can't stand to be around her.
22. I wish my parents didn't really give a s*** about me - almost.
23. I really really really hope Cynthia's parents don't split up, and they let me go live with them.
24. I don't think anyone will actually do that for me.
25. I hate that people think i'm a w**** and this extreme b**** for no real reason. Most of the girls at the school in my hometown do so much worse all the time. I lost my virginity a little too young so now i'm labeled as a w****. It makes no sense.
26. I really am a sensitive person, I wish I would let people see that side of me more often.

Thats it.

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  • NOBODY sucks c*** like a black girl.

  • ^"take my wife, please" can be funny if heard for the first time even if it is 50 years old.

  • Someone did this s*** already, you're nothing new or special, get used to being mediocre in life, thats all you'll ever be.

  • funny...best post in a long time. how old are you?

  • keep your chin up :) life gets better as you get older

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