rude monster in law.

it p***** me off that my husband relies on his mom so much. she balances his checkbook....then judges on what we spend money on. she is the one taking over the building of our house. making it into what SHE wants.....i suppose its partially my fault...i shouldnt be so polite towards their feelings...i should tell her to back off...and tell him to grow up...we got married for a reason! quit being such a mommas boy. rely on ME! ya know, your wife..the woman who is in a relationship with you! not you and your mom...your 23, make your own great money, time to stop asking mommy what you can and cant do...advice is great, taking over isnt.

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  • I'm so glad I never married you, Jon. Your mom didn't seem this way, but considering how closely you always stuck to her I'm sure I would have found out the hard way that there were little dynamics like this between you. Well, you're both dead now and your old house is burned to the ground. So that bullet has been definitively dodged. Bye!

  • Grow a backbone, OR dump that wet noodle you are to.

  • I dont blame you, good luck

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