Fed up with my sister

She is whiny, selfish, and an overall b****. She's only 8 years old, but she has a screaming fit if you tell her she needs to do something a little faster. She's most likely to have a fit when my mom is helping her with her homework, right after waking up, and when she's going to bed. She just finished having one right now. She thinks that she can have everything she wants, and when you tell her she can't, she explodes. My mom only feeds it, she always says things like, "Amanda, you need to talk, stop whining or you'll be in big trouble." She has an almost taunting quality in her voice when she says that, and it always makes things worse. Sometimes I just want to slit their throats, and hit those stupid f****** b****** with a truck.

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  • This is the new normal, thanks to "gentle discipline". If you think she's a self-centered psycho now, wait until she grows up. Gen Z is a bunch of cute cuddly kittens compared to how the next generation is coming up.

  • Parents...whoop your kids it helps..

  • You need to get your parents to contact a Ninja Nanny. Supernanny comes to mind.

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