I don't feel guily

I've been sleeping with my best friends boyfriend for over a year now. Not consistently, just a few times. Here's the thing, I don't feel guilty. She's not a very good friend, and maybe thats why I started doing it. She steals from me everytime she has a few drinks in her, and shes snitched on me a few times. I haven't told another soul. And now I just do it just to get back at her. Like this past weekend for Halloween 80 bucks goes "missing." I know it was her. But instead of just approaching her I think to myself "Thats why Im f****** your man." She must think Im weak for not saying anything, but truth is payback is just a b****! He's terrible in the sack too.

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  • You just leave money laying around? She stole it from a purse? If you have suspicions then set a trap, then threaten to report her f****** thieving ass... Dont need to tell her about the s** with her BF. Be happy with that little victory and grin knowing she is bullshit if she talks about their great s** life.

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